Hello! Thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Vince and I am a Pulmonary & Critical Care physician based in Los Angeles. It had been a lifelong dream to develop a creative outlet, but with juggling work and family, I didn’t have time to learn and pursue a new craft. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I found myself in need of mental and emotional reprieve.

I started sketching every evening as a way to temper my anxiety, and it was through this exercise that the original COVIDBUSTERS design was created. After a bit of research, I managed to fund and produce my first run of enamel pins, which were given to the residents, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other frontline providers facing the pandemic. The appreciation I received from my colleagues fueled me to keep designing - thus VINPIN was born.

VINPIN's mission is simple:
- Create something fun
- Share it with others
- Give back to those in need

A portion of every sale is donated to charity, and as of February 2021, over $2000 has been donated across 10 charitable organizations. Thank you for visiting, and have a wonderful day.